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Your Feedback Matters: Empowering Your Health Journey​

At Severn Surgery, we believe that your voice is essential in shaping the quality of care we provide.

We understand the importance of patient feedback in creating an exceptional healthcare experience tailored to your needs. By sharing your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions, you play a vital role in improving our services.

Your feedback serves as a powerful tool that helps us understand what we are doing well and where we can enhance our care. It allows us to celebrate the successes we’ve achieved together and identify areas where we can make meaningful improvements. Your insights help us deliver the highest standard of care, ensuring that every visit to our clinic is a positive and personalised experience.

Listening to your feedback not only helps us improve, but it also strengthens the bond between you and our healthcare team. Your input shows that we value your perspective and are committed to providing the best care possible. By actively incorporating your feedback, we can continuously enhance our services, address any concerns, and create an environment where your health and well-being are prioritised.

We encourage you to share your feedback openly and honestly. If you have a complaint, we have provided a comprehensive complaints leaflet where you can find all the necessary resources and information to register your complaint. Please review the leaflet by visiting the below link. Your complaint is important to us, and we are dedicated to addressing it promptly and resolving any issues you may have encountered.

We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of trust and continuous improvement. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of our healthcare services. Together, let’s empower your health journey and create a partnership that leads to exceptional care and a positive healthcare experience.

The CQC are collecting feedback from patients about the care they have received at the practice. Please click the button below to give feedback to the CQC.

You Said

We Did

We had long waiting times to answer the phone

We have installed a new phone system and are working through altering how we answer calls, options will be announced to you, to select the correct person to respond to your query, we will also share messages about other services that are now available to you, as you might not yet be aware of the changing provision at the practice.


We have switched on “call back” so at times when we are busy you can select for us to ring you back when we are free, this stops you having to wait in long queues.


We have looked at our telephone data and are currently working on ways to alter our workloads to respond more quickly to calls at our busiest times.


We are offering on-line consultations (admin and/or clinical queries) so you can raise your non-emergency queries with us and we will respond within two days to inform you how we can best manage your request, and when.


We have updated our website to let you know how best to contact us and how to access other services when we are closed.


We are now promoting PHARMACY FIRST, where you can obtain help and advice for any of the following symptoms, so that you do not need to access primary care appointments, which will free up time for us to see more complex patients sooner.

We now encourage all patients on a repeat prescription to order their next repeat prescription on-line, this saves you having to contact us by telephone or in person, which helps other patients to access our services more quickly.  Please see our website for how to order your repeat prescription on-line.

You said you had to wait a long time to obtain an appointment

We have increased the number and range of clinicians that now provide services to our patients, and you can now access appointments with:

Pharmacists – in house and via Pharmacy First

Pharmacy technicians

Physicians Associates


Social Prescriber Link Workers

Mental Health Practitioners

First Contact Physiotherapists

Please inform our staff when you contact us what your needs are so they will be able to co-ordinate your care and help direct you to the service that is most appropriate for your needs (or if not urgent, use our online consultation facility to register your request online).  These clinicians are part of our team and are working to ensure your needs are being met by the most appropriate service.

We have worked with our local GP colleagues in our Primary Care Network to offer EXTENDED ACCESS CLINIC APPOINTMENTS to patients, these appointments are available face to face and are located here.  All the practices within our Primary Care Network are working together to help improve access for our patients.  These appointments are available each evening and on Saturdays.


Changes to how you make a complaint about primary care from 1 July 2023 


You have the right to make a complaint about any aspect of NHS care, treatment or service, and this is written into the NHS Constitution on GOV.UK. 


From 1 July 2023 new changes have been introduced to the way members of the public make a complaint about primary care services to the commissioner.


By primary care services we mean GPs, dentists, opticians or pharmacy services. 


There are two ways you can make a complaint: 


  • You can complain to the healthcare provider: this is the organisation where you received the NHS service, for example a GP surgery or dental surgery.   
  • You can complain to Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board (LLR ICB): this is the organisation that paid for the service or care you received. 


After 1 July 2023 if you want to make a complaint about primary care services to the commissioner you will now contact LLR ICB instead of NHS England. 


You can do this by: 


Telephone: 0116 295 7572

Email: [email protected]


Writing to us at:

Corporate Governance Team

NHS Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Room G30, Pen Lloyd Building
County Hall, Glenfield
Leicester, LE3 8TB


If you want to make a complaint directly to the provider of the primary care service, you still can – that does not change on the 1 July 2023. 


Members of the public with ongoing complaints received on/after 1 July 2022 will receive a letter from NHS England informing them that the ICB is now handling their complaint with confirmation of their case handler. 


Members of the public with any ongoing complaints received before 1 July 2022 will receive a letter from NHS England informing them that their complaint is being retained by NHS England with confirmation of their case handler. 


If you have any queries, please contact the ICB at 0116 295 7572.


Find out more about how to feedback or make a complaint about an NHS service

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